Beekeeping: Series of Videos Good

Backyard Beekeeping Video Series for Beginners (Videos)


1. Installing a Package: Video

2. Pollen Gathering: Video

3. Hive Top Feeder: Video

4. Ensuring the Queen is Released: Video

5. Bees "Fanning" the hive: Video

6. Bee Sting: Video

7. Hive Inspection: Video

8. Adding the "Upper Deep" (2nd Brood Box): Video

9. Removing the Entrance Reducer (This can be don prior to adding the 2nd Brood Box): Video

10. Supering the Hive (Adding a Honey Super): Video

11. Adding a Ventilation Rim (Provide more air flow during the hot days): Video

12. Honey Bee Drinking Nectar: Video

13. Adding the 2nd (Honey) Super: Video

14. Honey Harvest: Video

15. Building a 2-Hive Stand: Video

16. 2nd Season: Installing 2 Packages of Bees: Video

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Howard County Beekeepers Association Inc.

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Our purpose is to promote honey beekeeping in Howard County, Md by providing a forum in which current honey beekeepers may become more knowledgeable of best practices and the public can become more, and accurately, informed on the benefits of honey bees.