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Urban beekeeper, The sprouting of urban gardens is causing engineers and architects to begin planning for cities that are reinventing themselves 1023
Get the Buzz on Pollinators: From Pollinator Podcasts to USGS Research 1274
Endangered Species Act protection sought for Franklin’s bumble bee 1123
Urban beekeeping & green roofs on the rise 1277
Urban Beekeeping by Michael Kiefer (Washington DC) 1103
Fairmont Royal York Hotel rooftop garden a hive for bees (Video added) (Toronto) 1346
Tokyo bees make honey (and herbs) on rooftops of Ginza 1058
City to allow bees on apartment (and Condo) roofs (Vancouver) 1155
Vancouver’s city hall will get rooftop bees 1225
Hotel (Marriott) takes rooftop gardens a step further with beekeeping (Chicago) 1637
Rooftop Garden: Newark’s Green Roof + Urban Garden (a classroom in which students learn about agriculture and horticulture) 1381
120,000 honeybees buzz atop Ritz-Carlton 946
How owning an urban hive could save Britain's honey bee 1084
I Am An Illegal Urban Beekeeper 1140
"I Could Not Understand Why He Would Want To Keep Bees 1097
The Buzz on Chicago's Bees 1183
Hive Minds (Meet six local (New York City) beekeepers (Not your typical beekeeper) 2089
Think of Them As Your New Pets (General) 1135
New Attraction at Vienna's Famed Opera House (Vienna, Austria) 1001
Save the Bees! Grow Garden Plants Honey Bees Love (Eco-system) 1379
Former Coal Mines Turned Into Bee-Friendly Havens (Eco-system) 941
The buzz: Urban beekeepers are a growing colony (Minnapolis, St. Paul, MN end ban on bees) 1890
Big Buzz Around Urban Beekeeping (General & Toronto) 955
Elementary students learn about beekeeping (with video) (Akron, OH) 1068
The new breed of beekeepers taking up traditional 'old man's hobby' - and saving the British bee 1469

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