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This web page includes a complete bibliography of books and journals in The Hive and the Honeybee: Selections from the E. F. Phillips Beekeeping Collection at Mann Library, organized by both author and title that is searchable.

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These titles were compiled from History of American beekeeping, by Frank Chapman Pellett and from a list of books from L.L. Langstroth’s personal library.

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  1. Langstroth, L.L. (Lorenzo Lorraine), 1810-1895.  Langstroth on the hive and the honey-bee; a bee keeper's manual. Northampton, Hopkins, Bridgman, 1853. 

  2. Doolittle, Gilbert M., 1846-  Scientific queen-rearing as practically applied; being a method by which the best of queen-bees are reared in perfect accord with nature's ways. For the amateur and veteran in bee-keeping.   Chicago, T. G. Newman, 1889. 

  3. Dzierzon, Jan, 1811-1906.   Dzierzon's rational bee-keeping; or, The theory and practice of Dr. Dzierzon ... Tr. from the latest German  ed. by H. Dieck and S. Stutterd. Ed. and rev. by Charles Nash Abbott  London, Houlston & sons; [etc., etc.] 1882. 

  4. Miller, C. C. (Charles C.), 1831-1920.   Fifty years among the bees. Medina, Ohio, A. I. Root Co., 1911. 

  5. Quinby, M. (Moses), 1810-1875. Mysteries of bee-keeping explained: being a complete analysis of the whole subject; consisting of the natural history of bees, directions for obtaining the greatest amount of pure surplus honey with the least possible expense, remedies for losses given, and the science of "luck" fully illustrated--the result of more than twenty years' experience in extensive apiaries. New York, C. M. Saxton & company, 1853. 

  6. Alley, Henry. The beekeeper's handy book ; or, Twenty-two years' experience in queen-rearing, containing the only scientific and practical method of rearing queen bees, and the latest and best methods for the general management of the apiary. Wenham, Mass., The author, 1883. 

  7. Phillips, Everett Franklin, 1878-1951.

    Beekeeping; a discussion of the life of the honeybee and of the production of honey. New York, The Macmillan company; London, Macmillan & co., ltd., 1915. 

  8. Root, A. I. (Amos Ives), 1839-1923. The ABC and XYZ of bee culture; an encyclopedia pertaining to scientific and practical culture of bees. Medina, Ohio, A. I. Root Co. [1877- v. illus., ports., plates. 23 cm. Volumes : 1879. 

  9. Butler, Charles, d. 1647. The feminine monarchie: or, The historie of bees. Shewing their admirable nature, and properties, their  generation, and colonies, their government, loyaltie, art, industrie, enemies, warres, magnanimitie, &c.  Together with the right ordering of them from time to time: and the sweet profit arising thereof.  London, Printed by John Haviland for Roger Jackson, 1623. 

  10. Munn, W. Augustus. A description of the bar-and-frame hive, invented by W. Augustus Munn, esq. With an abstract of Wildman's Complete guide for the management of bees throughout the year ...   London, John Van Voorst, 1844.

  11.  Alley, Henry.  Thirty years among the bees ... Salem, Mass., Salem press, 1891.

  12.  Cowan, T. W. (Thomas William), 1840-1926. Wax craft, all about beeswax; its history, production, adulteration, and commercial value with 17 plates and 37 figures on art paper.   London, S. Low, Marston & co., ltd. [etc.] 1908.

  13.  Harbison, John S. The bee-keeper's directory; or, The theory and practice of bee culture, in all its departments, the result of eighteen years personal study of their habits and instincts. With an introductory essay by O. C. Wheeler ... San Francisco, H. H. Bancroft and company, 1861.

  14.  Benton, Frank. The honey bee: a manual of instruction in apiculture Washington, Govt. print. off., 1899.

  15.  Cowan, T. W. (Thomas William), 1840-1926. British bee-keeper's guide book to the management of bees in moveable comb hives and the use of the extractor. London : Houlston, 1881.

  16.  Affleck, Thomas, 1812-1868. Bee-breeding in the West. Cincinnati : E. Lucas, 1841.

  17.  Bevan, Edward, 1770-1860. The honey bee, its natural history, physiology, and management. London, Van Voorst, 1827.

  18.  Kidder, K. P. Kidder's guide to apiarian science, being a practical treatise, in every department of bee culture and bee management. Embracing the natural history of the bee ... the anatomy and physiology of the different species of bees that constitute a colony, &c Burlington, Vt., S. B. Nichols; Chicago, R. Blanchard, 1858. 

  19. King, N. H. The bee-keeper's text-book with alphabetical index, being a complete reference book on all practical subjects connected with the culture of the honey bee in both common and movable-comb hives, giving minute directions for the management of bees in every month of the year, and illustrating the nucleus system of swarming and Italian queen rearing. Cleveland. Viets & Savage. 1864. 

  20. Miner, T. B. (Thomas B.), 1808-1878. The American bee keeper's manual; being a practical treatise on the history and domestic economy of the honey-bee. New York, Saxton, 1857. 4th ed. 

  21. Neighbour, Alfred. The apiary; or, Bees, bee-hives, and bee culture: being a familiar account of the habits of bees, and the most improved methods of management, with full directions, adapted for the cottager, farmer, or scientific apiarian. London, Kent and co; [etc., etc.] 1865. 

  22. Nutt, Thomas, 17th cent. Humanity to honey bees: or, Practical directions for the management of honey bees upon an improved and humane plan, by which the lives of bees may be preserved, and abundance of honey of a superior quality may be obtained. Wisbech, Printed by H. and J. Leach, for the author, 1832. Also several later editions. 

  23. Sladen, F. W. L. (Frederic William Lambert) Queen-rearing in England, with notes on a scent producing organ in the worker-bee and how pollen is collected by the honey-bee and the bumble-bee. London, Madgwick, Houlston & co., 1913. 2nd. ed.

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