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2:1 Syrup

2:1 Syrup

Two-to-One syrup can be used for fall feeding after the last honey harvest, or if the bees do not have a sufficiently large store of honey.

  • 2 parts (by weight) sugar
  • 1 part (by weight) water

The two parts sugar will not dissolve in room temperature water. Because of this mixing difficulty it is advisable to mix the sugar into near-boiling water. Do not allow the sugar mixture to boil, as this will give the chance for some of the sugars to caramelize, creating a partially indigestible and possibly even toxic solution as far as the bees are concerned. Be sure to let the solution thoroughly cool before feeding it to the bees. It was once common practice to add cream of tartar (tartaric acid) to 2:1 syrup to prevent re-crystallization of the sugars, however this is not recommended, as it is believed to shorten the life spans of the bees that consume it.

1 to 1 Syrup

1:1 Syrup

One-to-One syrup can be used for supplemental spring feeding and encourage the drawing of comb.

  • 1 part (by weight) sugar
  • 1 part (by weight) water

Simply stir sugar into room temperature water until all the sugar has dissolved to produce the desired quantity. The dissolving process will be sped up with hotter water, just be sure not to boil the sugar solution. One volume of water plus one volume of sugar when prepared equals roughly 1.5 volumes of syrup.

Fondant recipe

Fondant Bee Candy

Fondant bee candy can be fed directly to the bees once cooled. It is also common to use this recipe in small quantities to plug the hole on a (does not exist)"Queen Cage.

  • 4 parts (by volume) white sugar
  • 4 parts (by volume) 2:1 Syrup or High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • 3 parts (by volume) water

Boil water and slowly add the syrup and sugar until dissolved. Continue heating until the mixture reaches 238°F (114°C). Allow the solution to cool (without mixing)until it is slightly warm to the touch, and begin to mix and aerate the solution, the color should lighten. Pour into shallow dishes or mold and save for later use.


Beekeeping Fondant Recipe#1, Circa 1921
12 lbs. sugar
1.5 lbs. corn syrup (non flavored, no vanilla)
1.25 quarts water
1/4 teaspoon cream of tarter
Heat mixture to 238 degrees.  Add tarter at 230 degrees, mix and boil to 238, cool to 200, whip/stir with spoon or beater till white in color.  Note: Whip/stirring is not required, but makes a less dense fondant.


Bee Fondant Recipe #2
10 lbs sugar
2 pints water
1/2 tsp cream of tarter
pinch of salt
Follow previous instructions above, add salt to water before boiling.

Extender Patty

These are burger-sized (1/3 lb) patties, made from solid shortening (like Crisco) and white granulated sugar.  Feed your bees by placing a patty on the top frame bars, at the center of the brood nest.  Only one patty should be used per hive.  If the hive has two brood boxes, place the patty between the two brood chambers, on the top bars of the bottom brood box.  The recipe for grease patties is as follows:

Number patties Shortening Granulated sugar
1 1/4 cup

1/4 cup

12 1 lb.

3 lbs.

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